Tips for Choosing the Right Bag

Not only the form, the right bag should also follow the functional aspects.

There are different types of bags. And for some purposes, these types of bags have their own name. There are types of tote, purse, clutch, messenger bag, and other names that are a little difficult to find the equivalent in Bahasa Indonesia.

The variety of these bags is unfortunately not much known to his proper election. So many cases are found when the bag is worn, not matching with the event or clothes worn. Though the bag lock is actually the same as fashion. Bags are fashion items that not only complement the appearance but also must be able to meet the functional aspects.

To be able to get the right type of bag for your event, follow these seven tips.

1. Your bag vs your body

One tip choosing the best bag is to pay attention to your own body shape. Some experts state that your bag should replicate your body shape, and some other experts say you should avoid it. The best thing in fact is you should be able to be aware of whether the bag complements your body. If you feel it looks interesting wearing the bag, wear it.

2. Exact size

Size is always an important factor. If you carry a lot of stuff in the bag, then you need a bigger bag, but avoid carrying a bag that is too big, because it will make you look like dragging the suitcase. Choosing a bag that is too small will also make it harder for you to carry important items.

3. Color coordination

Another important tip is to carefully pick a color. You may choose a bag that can match the fashion you often wear. For most women, colors that often match different types of clothing are black, brown, or navy blue. However, you can also choose a bag that can give you a different accent, for example carrying a light pink bag when you are wearing black clothing.

4. Attention to texture
Make sure you pay attention to textures and materials. Your bags should always look good wherever you feel. If you are not good at caring for your bag, you need a sturdy bag and need not fancy.

5. The importance of shapes

A nice bag should have a pleasant silhouette. Nevertheless, you should also make sure that the bag doesn’t look bad when you wear it. For example if you are a female full-body, you do not carry a round bag, because it will make you look more fat.

6. How much space is available

If you like to carry a lot of stuff in your bag, you should have a bag that has storage space on it. Do not choose a bag that does not have a compartment in it because it will make your belongings so messy in it.

7. The function

You should make sure your bag has benefits and functions. You should notice that your bag doesn’t necessarily have to be big. All tailored to the needs. If you come to a cocktail party, you just need a small bag to put for example powder, lipstick, and purse. This aspect of course can not be done when you want to travel outside the city.