Moncler Brand History, from Political Activist to Moncler Warm Clothing Entrepreneur

The popular brand name Moncler has a long and well-known history. It all started from the time of World War II. At that time, the German occupation of France was in decline and there was a group of Resistance workers demonstrating in Grenoble. These youths had the opportunity to do various mountain sports, along with carrying out their political activities, while still living in the mountains.

After the war ended, 2 workers Rene Ramillion and Andre Vincent, decided to continue developing the business of sportswear and equipment related to sports activities which they enjoyed so much while getting involved with the politics of war.

In 1952, they set up a factory at Monestier de Clermont in Grenoble, and eventually decided to buy ownership of the entire factory. In April of that year, they launched a new company under the name “Moncler SA”, from the first initials of Monestier de Clermont.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the early Moncler product line was the use of “duck down”, a very warm substance that was not bulky and bulky, and, therefore, ideal for use by skiers. It has even been tested in the field.

Now, depending on the price, the Moncler jacket can either be produced with a duck down, or with a polyester and nylon blend. But even those jackets made with synthetic fabrics still have pores, and keep the wearer warm even on the coldest weather days.

Moncler is a name that is increasingly familiar to consumers of fashion and fashion products because it has acquired a loyal consumer segment.