Starting a Travel Business with Little Funds

A fun business if you can turn your hobby into a business. One of them is business travel (travel). This is because the tourism business is in great demand, especially in the country.

The higher the busyness of a person, the tourist destination becomes what is needed to refresh. Even traveling has become a lifestyle trend for millennials.

Maybe we don’t think that the travel business is a business that can be started with zero rupiah capital though. You only need perseverance and good lobbying skills and are good at seeing opportunities. Check out the following travel business article.

What is Business Travel?

If you are a traveler, this travel business is very profitable for you. This is because if you are experienced as a backpacker or solo traveler, you must have visited tourist destinations and can judge which tours are suitable to visit or not.

You can start even with zero rupiah capital though. The stages start from offering ticket search services and cheap accommodation, to open trip tours and travel. Well, the business also provides services in the form of tour guides for travelers. Let’s see more details about this traveler business.

How to Start a Travel Travel Business

To start a travel business is actually not so difficult. Here, capital is not the main thing that should be used as a point of attention. In today’s modern era, online promotion can be said to be much more effective and efficient than offline promotion. In other words, you can start by becoming a travel agent with an online-based system.

Likewise, there are several things that need to be considered and taken into account before starting this business. If you are interested in trying your luck as a travel agent, below are some things to think about carefully.

1. Choose the type of travel business

As discussed earlier, this business has a fairly broad scope. Before deciding to jump into the travel business, make sure you have chosen the desired field or type. Also make sure this business matches your passion to make it easier. For example, when choosing a cheap ticket service, try to stay focused on one thing.

2. Define a business name

Next, of course, the name for the business that will be used. Although it looks very trivial, but do not ignore the choice of name. The reason, this will be an important part in branding. Therefore, try to take a name that is unique, but easy to pronounce, and easy to remember. This can help with business marketing later.

3. Mapping tourist locations

When planning a travel business, you must also be observant in mapping the location. For example, the place that will be promoted becomes the destination of the main destination. Make sure that the area has potential and also has a long future. It’s not just a seasonal viral spot. If it’s seasonal, the location is bad for your travel.

4. Offer attractive packages

No less important is the offer of tour packages. To make it more interesting, then make sure you have compiled several packages at once. Potential customers also have more choices. In addition to offering unique, interesting, and up-to-date destinations, try to do market price research, then apply the lowest price.

5. Register Your Travel Business Brand

This is important, because if you are tired of coming up with ideas for a travel business name/brand and logo, but because you did not register it with Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), then you do not have legal power over the name or logo of the business. If at any time someone uses that name/logo, you can’t sue them even though you were the one who created it in the first place.

6. Prepare Marketing Tools

To be able to run a pioneering travel business, you need weapons to be able to sell or offer to potential customers. The first is a business card. Make business cards as one of your marketing tools.

The second marketing tool is social media accounts. Create social media accounts for your travel business. As a complement, try to create a blog to make it easier for potential customers to find and thoroughly know the services and packages that you offer through search engines on the internet.
You can promote your business to the general public easily and quickly. Maximize the benefits of social media as a means of your promotion. Provide information that is really needed by potential users of your services.

By using social media, the opportunity to reach consumers outside the city or region is getting bigger. Remember that your biggest potential or potential customers are people from other cities.

7. Expand Business Cooperation

Working together will make your business more complete
Next is to collaborate with many parties related to your travel business, such as transportation services, local governments, managers of tourist attractions and restaurants. There are still many partners that you have to collaborate with with a commission system or even mutually beneficial cooperation for you.

This collaboration opportunity will really help you in terms of running this business. For the tourism business, you can also collaborate with travel that is outside the city, because of their opportunity to find partners if there is a tour package destination in your area, they can work with you.

8. Make Your Business Online

Next is to do this travel business online. In this digital era, everything is easier to do so as to make business more effective and efficient. With a very dynamic life and dense work and activities, it makes many people sometimes find it difficult to make time for other things outside of work that has become mandatory demands.


It is highly recommended if you want to build a travel business to create a platform, either an application or a website. This is because, developing a business on a digital platform or online business, it will make it easier for potential customers and existing customers to use and continue to take advantage of the services you provide.

Things that can be done online besides marketing, of course, are purchases and payments, and others. Especially if you are an influencer, you can easily promote your business without the need to pay the marketing team or other influencer to promote your travel business.

You can also run this business if there is a big day celebration or long weekend, where people who are tired of working from Monday to Friday need nature tourism for their and their family’s entertainment and recreation.

Moncler Brand History, from Political Activist to Moncler Warm Clothing Entrepreneur

The popular brand name Moncler has a long and well-known history. It all started from the time of World War II. At that time, the German occupation of France was in decline and there was a group of Resistance workers demonstrating in Grenoble. These youths had the opportunity to do various mountain sports, along with carrying out their political activities, while still living in the mountains.

After the war ended, 2 workers Rene Ramillion and Andre Vincent, decided to continue developing the business of sportswear and equipment related to sports activities which they enjoyed so much while getting involved with the politics of war.

In 1952, they set up a factory at Monestier de Clermont in Grenoble, and eventually decided to buy ownership of the entire factory. In April of that year, they launched a new company under the name “Moncler SA”, from the first initials of Monestier de Clermont.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the early Moncler product line was the use of “duck down”, a very warm substance that was not bulky and bulky, and, therefore, ideal for use by skiers. It has even been tested in the field.

Now, depending on the price, the Moncler jacket can either be produced with a duck down, or with a polyester and nylon blend. But even those jackets made with synthetic fabrics still have pores, and keep the wearer warm even on the coldest weather days.

Moncler is a name that is increasingly familiar to consumers of fashion and fashion products because it has acquired a loyal consumer segment.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bag

Not only the form, the right bag should also follow the functional aspects.

There are different types of bags. And for some purposes, these types of bags have their own name. There are types of tote, purse, clutch, messenger bag, and other names that are a little difficult to find the equivalent in Bahasa Indonesia.

The variety of these bags is unfortunately not much known to his proper election. So many cases are found when the bag is worn, not matching with the event or clothes worn. Though the bag lock is actually the same as fashion. Bags are fashion items that not only complement the appearance but also must be able to meet the functional aspects.

To be able to get the right type of bag for your event, follow these seven tips.

1. Your bag vs your body

One tip choosing the best bag is to pay attention to your own body shape. Some experts state that your bag should replicate your body shape, and some other experts say you should avoid it. The best thing in fact is you should be able to be aware of whether the bag complements your body. If you feel it looks interesting wearing the bag, wear it.

2. Exact size

Size is always an important factor. If you carry a lot of stuff in the bag, then you need a bigger bag, but avoid carrying a bag that is too big, because it will make you look like dragging the suitcase. Choosing a bag that is too small will also make it harder for you to carry important items.

3. Color coordination

Another important tip is to carefully pick a color. You may choose a bag that can match the fashion you often wear. For most women, colors that often match different types of clothing are black, brown, or navy blue. However, you can also choose a bag that can give you a different accent, for example carrying a light pink bag when you are wearing black clothing.

4. Attention to texture
Make sure you pay attention to textures and materials. Your bags should always look good wherever you feel. If you are not good at caring for your bag, you need a sturdy bag and need not fancy.

5. The importance of shapes

A nice bag should have a pleasant silhouette. Nevertheless, you should also make sure that the bag doesn’t look bad when you wear it. For example if you are a female full-body, you do not carry a round bag, because it will make you look more fat.

6. How much space is available

If you like to carry a lot of stuff in your bag, you should have a bag that has storage space on it. Do not choose a bag that does not have a compartment in it because it will make your belongings so messy in it.

7. The function

You should make sure your bag has benefits and functions. You should notice that your bag doesn’t necessarily have to be big. All tailored to the needs. If you come to a cocktail party, you just need a small bag to put for example powder, lipstick, and purse. This aspect of course can not be done when you want to travel outside the city.